What are styles?

Styles let you save and reuse parts of your best prompts and swap between image models. Use them to achieve a consistent look or subject matter. Styles have:

  • a name (like --pixelart)
  • a prompt addition (like “8 bit computer graphics“)
  • an image model (like DALL⋅E or Stable Diffusion)

Can I make custom styles?

Yes! We hope that you do. To make a custom style, first make a new stream. In the Styles section, select “Custom” and fill out the details. You can also clone and tweak an existing style by hovering over it and hitting the “Tweak” button. Styles are all shared publicly and any user can use any style.

How do I use a style in my prompt?

Add a style to your prompt by typing “--”, which will reveal a list for you to choose from. Or you can type out the full name if you know it, like --pixelart. When you submit the prompt, the style will be applied.

How do I use a style on a stream?

When you make a new stream, you’ll be asked to choose a style. By default, every prompt in the stream will use that style. You can switch or tweak it at any time, and the updates will apply to new prompts in the stream. To override a stream’s style, add the desired style to your prompt.